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In 2004 the RMIT University’s School of Journalism assembled an eminent board of judges to complete a major task. They were asked to select the ‘Best (Australian) Journalism of the 20th Century’.


Along with finest examples of journalism across all media, the judges were also asked to select the best documentary films. They selected five – three of them were made by David Goldie.

Those of David's documentaries selected –

  1. 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' – 2 ninety minute films that examined the punishment of crime, rehabilitation and the future of prisons in Australia. It prompted a live 4Corners follow-up to discuss the many issues raised.

  2. 'Nobody's Children' – 2 ninety minute films that exposed, for the first time in Australia, the great number of homeless children across our country – and the perilous lives many of them experience.

  3. 'Without Consent' – 2 ninety minute films that investigated why an international study found Australian males one of the most sexually violent in the 19 countries they examined.


David Goldie was presented with the inaugural 'Best Documentary Director' award from the Australian Film Institute (now AACTA).

David has been awarded many other honours including gold and silver awards in New York and Berlin. World Broadcasting Award as well as three industry voted Logies; Human Rights Award; Law Society Award; Australian Teachers of Media Awards as well as a Henry Lawson Award for the best television production of the year.  David was presented the peer voted ‘Excellence in Documentary’ award from the Australian Television Society an unprecedented three times in a five year period.

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